Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bookshelf Chic

Hi, everyone, I’m Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, your one stop shop for interior design ideas online. I am so happy to be guest blogging for Primed4Design this week. When they asked me to do the Design Tip of the Week about bookshelves with style I immediately looked at my own jumbled bookshelves and realized they need a style overhaul. So here are the bookshelves with loads of style I pulled to inspire my own bookshelf do-over. Hope you find them inspiring as well. Enjoy!

Stylish BookshelvesLonny Mag via

Stylish bookshelves are filled with more than just books. Filling shelves with books, objects and collections makes each shelf a unique vignette.

Stylish BookshelvesHappy Mundane via

Shelving books in blocks of color is a popular styling trick for bookshelves. Love the yellow bookshelves that add a pop of color all on their own.

Stylish BookshelvesFlickr via

Painted or papered back of the shelves adds an unexpected splash of color or pattern to bookshelves. This is an easy DIY project for new or existing bookshelves that makes them feel custom.

Stylish BookshelvesLonny Mag via

Lighting on bookshelves can make even standard built-ins or freestanding shelves feel more stylish. Turning some books so the cover faces out or adding art to the shelves adds visual interest.

Stylish BookshelvesThe Glamourai via

Arranging books in blocks and stacks can add style to bookshelves. Think about blocks of color or stripes as you mix up books and accessories. We think a dual purpose dining room/library is one of the most functional dining room design ideas we've seen in a while.

Stylish BookshelvesChic Tip via

Dark shelves add drama and draw the eye to the objects on them. Painting built-ins black or another rich color would change the look and feel of the shelves, and room, completely.

Stylish BookshelvesLonny Mag via

Find unique and stylish shelves for books and objects that become a focal point in a room. Look for vintage and antique bookshelves at flea markets, antique shops and online.

Stylish BookshelvesArchitectural Digest via

A glass front bookcase makes for stylish storage for books and objects. This stylish example is from the new furniture collection from Dwell Studio. Think I'm going to add this one to my interior design wish list. Susi is a seasoned writer for Design Shuffle which is a popular resource for design ideas online. Head on over there and get some ideas from Los Angeles interior designers, Chicago interior designers and more