Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wood Paneling?!

Here is a great remodeled kitchen/dining room of a mid century modern home. I love the Marimekko art on the walls and the table and chairs in the dining room are FANTASTIC.

If this were my house I would still most likely paint the wood paneling white or get rid of it. But, I can honestly say I don't mind the wood paneling in this house too much. It somehow works in the overall design of the space. What do you think?!


Aleya Bamdad said...

I'm loving the table top here but don't care for the legs on the table. I wish they would tie in better with the rest of the decor.

Jane Fuller said...

Wow. This remodeled dining room is awesome. I love the art on the walls. Really impressive! The whole room itself is an art.

Anonymous said...

Hi--are you still designing? I need some help.

Lucia Connolly @ Online PhD UK said...

The Marimekko art is wonderful. I love it. It looks wonderful against the wood paneling. I love the dining room table as well but I would not pair it with those chairs. The chairs to me are too simple.

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Helen@tefl Training said...

It's a beautiful room. Wood panels make it become classic and warm. It's better that you paint the ceiling with the same color of the walls.
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