Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Concrete IS Beautiful

Good morning-
We wanted to let everyone know that there are so many interesting things to do with concrete!

Jen fell in love with concrete when she went to Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2002. Wood is actually very expensive in Brazil, so most houses/buildings in Brazil are made out of concrete. The square, modern shapes of the houses there are very striking. Santorini, Greece is another amazing place with concrete houses on the cliffs, painted white to reflect the sun. Architecturally concrete is very sleek, and very modern. It is also unique in that it mixies practicality with elegance - which when done correctly, can be so wonderful.

We were SO excited to get an email from Chris of

Information from their website (make sure you visit it for the beautiful photo gallery):

DC Custom Concrete is San Diego's premier custom concrete designer and fabricator. We offer our clients outstanding craftsmanship - delivering the unique and beautiful products they desire.

Concrete does not only come in grey. In fact concrete comes in many colors and textures. We can help you come up with the perfect look and feel for your custom project. We offer a wide selection of finishes which include matte, high polish, sand finish, pressed finish, and hand troweled.

In addition to our standard colors, we also offer custom colors and can match anything. Decorative aggregates and inlays such as glass, stone, and metal are just some of the possibilities to enhance your concrete. Our custom design mix of concrete achieves superior durability while keeping a natural look and tactile feel.

DESIGN ELEMENTS: Drain Boards, stainless rail, brass rail, tile basin, Integrated chop block, Decorative inlays, Drop edge apron, Curvatures, Enhanced Jointing Trivet/ hotplate, Fruit bowls, Edge Detail, Soap Dish, Custom support systems (metal, wood), Water features.

Jen went to high school with Chris & Daryn in Maryland (they had many art classes together), and she is SO proud of what they are doing with concrete out in the San Deigo area -

We hope this inspires ideas for what you want to do with your own home - after seeing what they offer, Jen is officially buying a house in San Diego so Chris & Daryn can make some beautiful concrete sinks and countertops! You should consider the move as well! :) Send their website to any friends/family you have in Southern California -

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