Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wonderful Feedback!

Good morning everyone! We just wanted to say thank-you so much for all of the positive feedback. We can't even begin to tell you how many people have sent us such positive responses. We have some wonderful companies/project ideas/questions from family & friends to share with you very soon.

We received these photos from Caroline (who we think is already our #1 Fan) :) of a mirror she bought from Horchow that is in her beautiful dining room.

We love the coral color against the blue striped wall (that Caroline striped herself!), and we think it is the perfect example of how a mirror can make a room seem larger, as well as reflecting beautiful objects within a room. Thanks Caroline!

And for all you DIYer's out there - check out this great mirror that our reader Dave sent in, along with his email:

"I just did this bathroom mirror yesterday. It cost me about $50 total, and its 2ft wide and 3 ft high. My walls are plaster, so first I built a frame from 1x3 lumber and secured that to the wall. I built the frame slightly larger than the mirror so that I'd have something to secure my moulding to. Then I mounted the mirror to that frame. Then I cut my moulding to size and attached the moulding with liquid nails (where it contacts the mirror) and finish nails where it contacts the wood frame. I still need to patch the small nail holes with caulk, and then paint."

Thanks Dave for your great DIY mirror idea!

Stay tuned for a company out in San Diego that is doing some VERY unique and fantastic things with concrete; where to find beautiful original paintings, drawings, and ceramics at great prices for your home (online & around the DC Metro Area); and oh so much more!