Monday, August 4, 2008

Design Tip of the Week (8.4.08): Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors have always been a main staple in a home's bathrooms and bedrooms for cosmetic purposes, but there are many more unconventional uses for mirrors that can be utilized. Designers have explored more innovative uses for mirrors such as the use of mirrors as a tool in creating more space and light and your home. Mirrors, if placed correctly, can open up a room and accentuate the things you WANT to see while detracting attention away from those you don't. Here are some tips on mirror placement and pictures to inspire where you may want to hang your next mirror:

*Place mirrors to reflect points of interest. Face a mirror to reflect a beautiful piece of artwork, your favorite knick knack or a nice view from a window. Place a mirror behind or in front of objects that you want to visually increase in number such as flowers or candles.

*To create a larger expanse in your house, angle mirrors so that you can see adjacent rooms.

*Use in hallways to either widen or lengthen the space. To widen, stagger mirrors in a sequence on both sides of the wall. To lengthen, place mirrors at the ends of the hall instead of its sides.

*Mirrors can be used to add an element of light in a dark corner or room. You can also place a mirror to reflect a window or sky light to increase brightness.

*Create your own art with the placement of multiple mirrors on one wall. You can place in a symmetrical way to create a clear pattern or scatter them for an eclectic look.

*You can add depth to a space by painting a wall dark and accenting it with an eye catching mirror or mirrored piece of furniture arranged as a focal point.

*For those interested in Feng Shui
, mirrors are a key element of this process. Mirrors are used to draw in good Chi and with the correct placement are said to shift the flow of energy in a space. Mirrors are also said to bring a feeling of calm to a room and increase the Feng Shui energy of water. Some Feng Shui areas to avoid using mirrors is facing South, the front door, or the bed.

Please click on our slide show to the right for a great solution to hanging up many mirrors on one wall-

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