Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Finds-Fountains Under $100

Summertime is still in effect-and in honor of the great weather we are having, here are some interesting fountains for your balcony or patio in the city, or for you lucky ones with a big backyard garden~

How cute (and reasonably priced!) is this blue fountain? It would go perfect on your balcony in the city-surround it with a few plants for a great zen area. It is even solar powered! Save the earth while you relax ;)

This fountain is very sleek, and could go on a patio/balcony/or garden in the backyard. Again, we are loving the price of this one as well! And the fact it is made out of resin, but looks like stone is great - it is lightweight for you to move around.

Just looking at a buddha statue can be relaxing - place this buddha tabletop fountain somewhere in your home, or outside in the center of the patio table. The copper/stone colors give it a great earthy feeling, and hearing water always makes you feel like you are on vacation.

For you DIYer's out there, why not make your own fountain? This is from our reader Nichole:
"Having a water feature in the backyard is by far my favorite attribute of the space. Dave really wanted a pond and, on top of that, knew that he needed a fountain to circulate the water. So, having gotten the idea from The Family Handyman, which I highly recommend to any homeowner, Dave knew he could create his own fountain. He purchased a beautiful ceramic pot and stand from Chinatown, brought it home and drilled a hole large enough for tubing to run through it. He filled the pot with beautiful stones and water plants, created his own pump (for circulating the water), and viola, a fountain! The price was right - the whole project cost less than $100!"

Thanks Nichole! Now, go enjoy the outdoors this weekend everyone!

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