Monday, August 18, 2008

Design Tip of the Week (8.18.08): Feng Shui Tips to Clear Out The Clutter!

Why is it that clutter seems to build up so easily in our homes? No sooner do you have a clearout than it seems to start creeping back in – one pile appears in the hallway and before you know it, it has spawned other piles that go down the hall and up the stairs.

Clearing out your clutter is the first aspect of feng shui,
the ancient Chinese practice of furniture placement and energy flow. Improving the flow of energy (chi) in your home and creating good feng shui is believed to improve different areas of your life, bringing about increased wealth, career success and better health. But when you home is full of clutter, the energy that first comes through the front door will struggle to move smoothly around the rooms if it keeps encountering piles of junk stored in the hall, hidden behind doors, sofas or crowding surfaces in kids’ bedrooms, the kitchen or bathroom. The slow, sluggish energy that this creates then has a negative effect on you and your family, often making you feel confused, blocked, lethargic, depressed and reluctant to progress or move on in any area of your lives.

Clutter hotspots
So which are the worst areas in the home where clutter tends to gather?
*The door and hallway – Piles of children’s paraphernalia, shoes and bags, boxes and newspapers stacked around here makes a bad impression for visitors and can stop energy entering positively, and prevent new opportunities coming in.

*Attics and lofts –
these can become veritable dumping grounds for our past. They are often full of mementoes and memorabilia that creates a heavy, oppressive energy that is constantly hanging over us – old love letters and tokens, old school books, diplomas, old appliances and sports’ gear and ancient board games – all gather here.

*Wardrobes in bedrooms –
these are havens for old clothes, items that no longer fit and shoes that are too tight or never worn. Most people only wear about 20% of their clothes. Your wardrobe should reflect the person you are now, not who you used to be.

Clear out and move on
So have a big clearout, be ruthless keep only what you really like and want. Do a few hours here and there and see how you lift your home’s energy and atmosphere. It is truly liberating, once you create a shift and dump that rubbish that has being annoying you for months, you will soon notice new exciting things starting to happen.

Clutter clearing tips
*Go round each room with a pad and assess your junk, highlight the priority areas to sort out first.

*Do one small area at a time,
focus on clearing out a drawer, cupboard or a wardrobe – don’t overwhelm yourself.

*Get together five bags or boxes and label them: Junk, Charity shop or friends, Things to be repaired or altered, Things to sort and move and Transitional (keep in the loft for 6 months, if you don’t miss them, throw them out). Sort out all your clutter into these bags.

*Don’t hold onto presents you don’t like
just because a friend or relative gave them to you, give them to charity or someone who will like them.

*If anything is broken,
get it mended or get rid of it as it promotes negative energy.

*Remember linking yourself to past relationships
won’t let new ones come in, so keep a few romantic mementoes, but throw away the rest.

We say decluttering the house isn't just reserved for "spring cleaning", anytime of the year is a good time to get rid of unwanted junk! :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks PforD. I have a fiancee who is the "Queen of Clutter" and piles. I think this will really help her out with her problem!


Sleepless in Clutterville

The Primed 4 Design Team said...

Dearest Sleepless in Clutterville,

We are glad to help you and your fiancee, and I'm sure very soon you will be Lovely in Loverville!

The P4D Team