Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stickers for Grown-ups!

We are definite lovers of anything that has to do with letters & the words they make (Chrys-Researcher/Writer, Jen-Graphic Designer, and both professional bloggers! Chrys despises the word blog, but she now admits she has one). ;)

So when we found these wall decals, we think an interesting thing to do would be to put up a poem in your room, and for you romantics out there, propose with prose (cheesy huh?). Hey, it's imaginative-who wouldn't think it's cool to walk into your house to find "Will You Marry Me?" spelled out on a wall.

Enough about that mushy stuff! Check out all of their other amazing wall decals like:

Perfect for a bedroom wall! (Chandelier and Bamboo)

Perfect for a dining room wall!

Perfect for a kid's play room!

There are so many interesting wall decals available at blik surface graphics.

The coolest part about them is they completely transform a room with very little time & effort, and can be removed/or moved around when you feel the urge.

We know a few people in the DC area with these decals in their homes, we will get some photos posted very soon.

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