Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Twigs & Berries :)

Ok, ok, the title today was a bad Austin Power's reference, sorry about that ;) It's the middle of the week, forgive us-

Simplicity is always key in any room of your home (see our decluttering tips from the Monday 8.18.08 post). A very elegant, simple, AND cost effective way of decorating is using vases and twigs/bamboo sticks:

These mulberry sticks above will look great in a large vase on a large dining table, or on the floor against a dark wall. And here are the stylish clear vases to place them in. (Great prices on the vases!)

Bamboo gives your home a nice Asian twist - these bamboo sticks would look great with some dried flowers on a side table (or by themselves), or on the floor in a vase in one of the more open rooms you have.

Also, are you wondering where the berries come in? WELL, we know it's a little early for holiday tips, but here is one anyways:
Buy some white twigs or gather some longer sticks from your backyard; buy a bag of cranberries and put into a clear vase; buy a can of white spray paint (if DIY) or take the bought sticks, place in vase with cranberries, and voila - an awesome, simple centerpiece (perfect for Thanksgiving!) Jen's mom is crafty, we credit her with that cool tip. She came up with the idea a few years ago for Thankgiving, and it looked great! Pictures to come around the holidays - stay tuned. :)

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