Friday, August 8, 2008

Be Art Smart!

A friend had a question about where to find a nice painting for above her sofa that is original, but not outragiously expensive. We are giving away our most secret favorite website to find all sorts of original, handmade things! Etsy is "your place to buy and sell all things handmade." Primed 4 Design will have our own shop on Etsy very soon -

Etsy's website is really easy to navigate your way through. They have everything from accessories and art to weddings and woodworking (on the left side of page in "Categories"). Just type what you are looking for in the top search engine, such as "Black and White Photography" or "Oil Painting", and you will be amazed what appears! Many original pieces of art - and many are also prints of the originals (They will tell you in their store whether it is original or a print). But to even have a print of someone's original art for unbelievably great prices is SO worth it!

Check out Alicia Bock's etsy site. Her photography is beautiful, and some of them are signed! Also, if you go to her store, click on "profile" and she has another website where she sells her art. So if you do not want to sign up to etsy (you should because it is FREE to sign up!), many of these artists have other websites they sell art from as well.

We also love this large scale, original painting from JMJ Studios.

Whether you are buying and selling art, or just buying - it is well worth it to search though this virtual art gallery. And you will feel wonderful knowing you are supporting an artist! :)

P4D is developing a network of local artists - and any artist interested in being profiled should email us ( as we start our list!

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