Tuesday, August 12, 2008

DIY Tips & Tricks: Writing on the Walls?

Happy Tuesday! :) Check this out below - from Jen's former Creative Director Bryan (he taught her everything she knows about advertising!) :), & who just may have the coolest bathroom in DC:

"This is our lovely half-bathroom, powder room, wash closet (or whatever you want to call the room that has a toilet and a sink ;) It's part of our lovely renovated home in Petworth. When I bought the house in the winter of '04, I negotiated with the seller who happened to be a real estate flipper and (then) husband of a friend of mine, so I had certain upgrades and customization done to the house and wrapped those additional costs into the mortgage, which worked out well financially. When it came to thinking about how I wanted to approach this half-bath, I assumed that it would be the most trafficked bathroom whenever I would host, and I've always had an appreciation for grafitti, so it was easy to commit to having blackboard paint covering the walls for folks to write on. I included a snapshot of the blackboard paint, and believe it's available at just about all the paint stores around town. I used two coats, which seems to have lasted just fine over these past 4 years. The messages do come off (though we've become sentimental about some messages dating back to '04) with a damp paper towel or two, and the paint receives any chalk just like school days. I found a case of jumbo multi-colored chalk at a dollar store that works like a charm. Just prop that case of jumbo chalk on the top of the toilet and you'll have guests taking a few extra minutes in the can to scribe a message (what else would they be doing?).

Lastly - no great project stays as is; I've since found out that there's magnetic base paint in stores, so I plan to paint that over the existing blackboard paint then follow up with another top coat of blackboard paint. Then I can add all sorts of kitschy magnets to the mix!"

Thanks Bryan!

We hope this inspires everyone to do something fun and out of the ordinary in your house!

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Ryan said...

So rad!