Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Design Tip of the Week (9.22.08): How to Create a Mural when your NOT Michelangelo

{A P4D Original Mural! Please check the slideshow at right for more photos}

{Painted by P4D reader Laura L of North Carolina}

*Use acrylic paints versus oil paints. They are easier to work with, dry faster and are water soluble.

*Purchase high quality synthetic fiber brushes
- at least one wide flat brush for the bigger areas and a round brush for details.

*Not great at painting freehand? Use an overhead projector. Simply copy an image you like to a transparency sheet, which can be easily don at kinkos, and find yourself an overhead projector. Place the transparency on the projector and fill in the image like a coloring book.

*For those scared of muraling all together, use wall decals. See our posting "Stickers for Grown Ups" from August 19th.

*For large walls, opt for wallpaper murals. Here are some great wallpaper options you can get from Murals Your Way.

Contact us for a custom mural at primed4design@gmail.com!

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