Monday, September 1, 2008

Design Tip of the Week (9.1.08): Never Get a Case of the Mondays Again!

In honor of Labor Day, P4D wants to help you create a home office that you will love to work in. How you set up your workspace can greatly impact your work. So here are some tips for making your office space effective and fun.

*Balance your workspace with your storage needs. Proper storage space is the key to every office.

You need somewhere to keep all your things organized and out of the way from your work area. You should have a workspace that allows you to spread out and be creative. Try to find a storage system that suits your organizational style as well as your work demands so that you will want to keep your space clutter free.

*Select a place in your house that has plenty of natural light. Don't leave your dark windowless office behind for another one! Natural light is stimulating, refreshing, and you will be able to watch the seasons pass. Stay away from the typical harsh office lighting and use lamps in conjunction with a ceiling light to provide you with the soft light you need as you work into the evening hours or on those gloomy dark days.

*Create a comfortable work environment. Make sure your chair is inviting, your work station is ergonomic, and that you select a color palette that stimulates without overstimulating. Using browns in your color scheme will add a comfy feel to your space while bringing in plants will provide a natural and relaxing element.

*Make sure you bring the FUN back in functional. This is your space, you should do what you want with it! Bring in pictures of your friends and family or artwork that you love. Have your zen garden or stress ball on your desk. There is no reason to conform to what you know an office should look like. Step out of the box and dare to be different!


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