Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Spice Up Your Patio

Great deals seem to be all over the place for patio accessories, we still have a little longer here in the DC area before we hibernate - take advantage of the sales and spice up your cookouts with these colorful accessories from World Market:

Hanging Swirl Lanterns {$9.99}

Bamboo Torch Lights {Now $9.96}

Candle Lanterns {$12.99}

Mosaic Oil Lamp {$19.99}

Also, we suggest going to one of the TEN (please type Washington, DC in the search) World Market Stores here in the DC Metro Area~there are a bunch in Virginia, and a bunch in Maryland. We had no idea there were so many around us. There is officially no excuse for a bare apartment or home in the DC Metro Area! ;)

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