Thursday, November 20, 2008

Art Smart: The Batchelor Pad

Hello everyone-
We just received an email from our friend Kenny about the blog, he said:

"Cool. Good Stuff to know - I'm just about to slowly redecorate the house since it's practically bare now."

We definitely try to provide a mix of ideas and products, but his email reminded us to keep guys in mind more when posting our finds! Thanks Kenny!

Want to be manly AND hip at the same time? Then you should order these coasters:
{Industrial Felt -MEAT AND GRILL- Coaster Set-from JoshuaStone}

Check out this one-of-a-kind (and manly) chess set, very rustic-even if you don't play chess, it would be a cool centerpiece for a table:
{Naturalchess Chess set}

We think these prints are just lovely-combining book pages and siloetted faces, it's very film noir/comic book. We could see a set of 3 framed, all in a row in your hallway:
{Print-She Knows Better-by John Clark}

We think all of these would make really great gifts this season for the man in your life (or great gifts to yourself!)

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