Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dandy Chandy Tuesday

Ok, we don't think you even understand what we have found! Delia*s was one of Jen's favorite stores growing up. She has the fond memory of watching the show "My So Called Life" and saw Clare Danes wearing the same sweater from Delia*s-which rocked her teenage party world. ;)

But back to business, we have found the most elegant little chandelier's all under $70.00!

Check out the array of chandy's here, there is no excuse to not have one of these in every room!

We love how each one easily would look fabulous in a dining room, a master bedroom, or of course in a girls room (and by girls room-we mean from the ages of 5-95). We just love how baroque style is making a comeback in a modern way through chandeliers like these:

{Shade Chandelier - $69}

{Chic Chandelier - $59}

{Disc Chandelier - $39}

{Bubble Chandelier - $49}

{Teardrop Chandelier - $49}


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great Chandelier finds ladies! So inexpensive!

Designer with a Thought said...

Where are these sold.