Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art Smart ~ Arts and Crafts

What used to be considered a hobby for your grandmother and her pals (along with knitting and crocheting), another vintage hobby is getting a new hip make over....NEEDLEPOINT!

Hang some on your walls! Whether you want to frame a needlepoint you have done yourself with pride in your eyes OR you just buy one (no one will tell) and save yourself some time, needlepoint art can be quite trendy if you pick the right pattern and complement with a cool frame.

Here are some vintage needlepoint from Etsy

And birds in a vintage frame.

Don't want to hang your needlepoint? Then you should just lay on it! There are tons of pillows out there right now that you can purchase with updated needlepoint patterns that will add a fresh look to your home. Johnathan Adler has some pretty fun ones to choose from.

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Brenda said...

Yes, needlepoint rocks and needn't look fuddy duddy. We frame ours in a gallery-style frame for a more contemporary look
Thanks for this posting. Interior design is enhanced by custom and individual touches like needlepoint and other arts.