Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DIY Tips & Tricks~Rag, Crackle, Pop! :)

Today we want to school you on the wonderful world of painting techniques. There are so many ideas and ways to paint out there. Today we wanted to focus on the Ragging and Crackle techniques of painting.

Ragging is an easy way to add a subtle level of depth to your walls. The great thing about ragging is that you can do it with your pre-existing wall paint if you chose to. Ragging-on is where you apply another layer of paint/gloss over the original so you are adding a layer. Ragging-off is lifting off the top glaze to reveal the coat underneath. Experiment with rags, newspapers or plastic bags to see which creates the look you like best.

HGTV has a simple explanation of how to apply this technique. Click Here and start your new project!

Laura, April's designer of the month, used ragging in many of her main rooms to add a slightly dramatic affect to the browns and golds she selected for the walls.

Crackle is a very popular way of painting furniture (and sometimes walls) to achieve that "worn look" in 2 days if you don't have 100 years to wait for that look. :)

This page from Valspar lets you know of all the tools and materials you will need. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page they also give you some great paint combos for the crack finish to really pop.

If you remember Brad's LA home from our "March Decorator of the Month" post here - he did a fabulous crackle paint job on his fireplace. It gives his contemporary home a little slice of the antique wood vibe. It's always great to mix it up a bit in your home!