Monday, May 11, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (05.11.09): Building your Home Decorating Library

Being that the P4D girls are into everything design, of course we have our own little book club! So to help you start a nice library of your own, here are some of our suggestions.

Kelly Hoppen's Home: From Concept to Reality is an inside look into the process of this British, hip designer. Enjoy reading about her approach at every stage from the conception of an idea, through preparation and decision making, to implementing plans and achieving a reality.

Stephanie Hoppen's Perfect Neutrals is rethinking our perception of neutral showcasing the vast variety of new neutrals from sage green to soft lilac, from cool silver to whispered gold. This book is jam packed with lots of great pictures and help creating your color palette.

For those of you interested in the psychology of designing your home, Winifred Gallagher's House Thinking: A Room-by-Room Look at How we Live is so interesting. It really makes you think about the function of a room from a deeper perspective.

These are just a few to start you off (you can buy all of these on Amazon). We will share more of our book club faves so you can build up your library!

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