Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Finds ~ P4D Reader Finds!

We would love to share some of the ideas and general reader thoughts that we receive with all of you. So Friday's once a month we will try to do a post on what our readers have found and want to share.

Raj from Maryland shared the following with us.

I took my whole family and went on a mission to find nice, inexpensive couches. We had been through the vast choices of furniture stores and were catching furniture-fever as nothing would match our less-than-$1500 budget. After three weekends of looking, we ended up at Marlo's (a reasonably priced furniture store in the area) for a sale event.

We finally selected a dark brown microfiber sofa + love seat + recliner and also got a huge contemporary rug all for about $1500... great deal. Case closed! The sofas were real cosy and casual and we really loved the soft touch of the microfiber.

We didn't consider the heavy usage that we put the sofas through in the last 6 months and now they are bare of the fibers! The soft microfiber touch turned into flat cloth-like! We did find nice covers to hide the bare, but would have loved to have the comfy touch... I think heavy use makes the fibers 'sleep' but now they refuse to wake up!

Thanks, Raj for this great tip! Buying a couch is a big purchase and many of us look for the best bargain. Fabric wear is something to consider because the best bargain at the time could lead you to spend more money down the road.

Please share your finds with us, whether it is a great new product for your home or a lesson learned as you attempt to beautify your space! Email us at and we will post it on a Friday.

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