Thursday, July 23, 2009

Art Smart ~ The Gritty City

Good morning everyone! Very excited to show you Adam O'Day's AMAZING paintings. I really think they just speak for themselves! I (Jen) attended the Corcoran College of Art & Design in DC with Adam, I can vouch for his awesomeness! :) Check them out:


Artist Statement and Bio:
The artwork that I make today isn’t much different than what it was when I was five. I work scribbly and violently much like a five year-old. I use outlined shapes and then color them in badly. I work on any materials that I find laying around; I draw on my walls. As far as I see it, I was meant to make visual art.

{Wires, 30x40, Mixed Media on canvas}

My parents have told me many times how, ever since I was able to walk, I would make little drawings. These little drawings turned into cartoons and a huge interest in comics took over. I remember loving MAD magazine, R. Crumb and Bill Waterson to name a few. My buddies and I would always make silly comic books and sell them for a dollar at the comics store downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. This hobby turned into an everyday activity for me.

{Comm Ave}

Throughout college, I started to admire more fine art. I looked to Schiele, Basqiat, Bosch, Steadman, Rauschenberg, Klee, Bacon and many of my fellow students and teachers for creative influence. I started to realize that I got more of a response when I just don’t try to be inside any stylistic boundaries. I just sit down on my floor in the middle of the night and start gluing things together. I guess it’s a slap-it-together method. I take the same approach to design much like the working methods of Carson. I enjoy getting criticism of any kind. I want my audience to either really disagree with my methods, or embrace its dirty real-ness.

{Hong Kong, 30x30, Acrylic and Ink on Canvas}

Thank-you Adam for sharing your very lovely paintings! If you are interested, please email us at & we will put in touch with the artist. Don't forget to check his blog here with many more great paintings.


Ryan said...

How can I buy one? Adam hook it up!

Adam O'Day said...

You can buy one with money!! I emailed you... I think I know you.