Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DIY Tips & Tricks ~ Fabric Wallpaper

We are just loving this idea about making your own wallpaper out of FABRIC
from Kim Myles of Myles of Style on HGTV! Genius!

Design Dilemma: You rent and can't paint, but want to bring color to your apartment's bland walls.

Kim's DIY Solution: Fabric wallpaper that doesn't damage walls

1. Buy inexpensive, colorful fabric — enough to cover at least one wall.

2. Wash the fabric first so the color won't transfer.

3. Apply liquid starch onto the wall with a paint roller. Note: The starch adheres better if the paint isn't an eggshell finish.

4. Smooth your fabric onto the wall and apply a second coat of liquid starch on top.

5. Let it dry — instant wallpaper.

6. When it's time to move on, dampen the fabric with a sponge and peel it off.

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