Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Design Tip of the Week Continued ~ Beachy Chic

On Monday we showed you examples of how you can get a fun beachy look by playing up the beach theme from furniture to artwork. Today we'll show you what we would call beachy chic, a look that is reminiscent of the beach without playing up the beach theme too much. Using light colors, light textures, minimalist floral arrangements and greenery as well as some subtle beach accents creates a beach inspired look that is trendy and sophisticated.

The design of Casa Colonial in the Dominican Republic is the perfect example of how to achieve a beach decor that is understated yet 100% tropical. This look transports you to a Caribbean paradise whether you are on an island or land locked. Casa Colonial is all white with mahogany details. Large green palm and banana leaves in clear glass cylinder vases are found througout the hotel with some orchids for a pop of color. Natural elements like sand, rocks and sea creatures (such as star fish and sand dollars) are subtly and strategically placed. Long sheer white curtains give the rooms a cool and airy feel.

You can easily achieve this look at home by selecting a neutral color scheme that is prodeminantly white or off white. Select furniture in a dark wood for a rich contrast. Then accent with light cool colors like powder blue or a light green (throw pillows or a lamp in this color would be a nice splash of color).

To achieve Casa Colonial's simple floral arrangements, you can easily find fake (or real) banana or palm leaves which you can put in clear tall vases filled with sand or rocks. This is a very inexpensive floral option and you could probably find most of what you need at a craft store.

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sam enriquez said...

This collection has a rather Shabby chic feel due to the alternative yet clean cut designs present in the living room.