Thursday, August 13, 2009

AUGUST Primed4Design{er} of the Month ~ Design IS in the Details

Good morning everyone! Check out this month's Primed4Design{er}'s beautiful home. Yale's 1 bedroom condo in New York City is the perfect example of design being in the details. Any decor in his home is perfectly placed on the walls throughout. Only a few decorations in his home are needed because of all the fine detail work Yale did upgrading his home ~ the kitchen, bathroom, & bedroom. By turning his studio apartment into a one bedroom, there are many nice details throughout to view and utilize.

Check out where the stove and microwave are located now, that used to be the bedroom closet! Amazing. As we all know - space counts in most homes, but in New York City particularly. Yale remodeled his home beautifully to flow and show off all of the fine the built in bar and storage below:

Another very well thought-out feature are the french doors that lead into the bedroom. When closed they help seperate the bedroom from the living area. Instead of one solid wood door, french doors with windows were chosen to keep the spaces separated, yet with an open feeling.

How beautiful are the marble tiles throughout the bathroom, and note the lovely silver mirror:

We hope you have enjoyed this month's Primed4Design{er}'s home! Yale's place is the perfect mix of high-end upgraded features with minimalistic decorating. By remodeling a studio apartment into an efficient and spacious NYC one bedroom, every space is maximized for living and storage!

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