Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DIY Tips & Tricks ~ Putting Your Art to Work

Kati, a reader in California, recently wrote to P4D to share a DIY project with us:

"After the Bar Exam, I had all these posters that I had used to make study aids. Not wanting the walls of my apartment to be decorated with posters such as "Elements of Defamation" or "California Property Division at Divorce" for one single second after I took the exam, I decided to paint over them using ideas and tips from your website."

Kati referred to our DIY Make your own Art posting where we had a slideshow available from BH&G.

Here's what Kati created from her recycled study boards...

"One of the suggestions was to take paint and dip it in cups and make circles, which is what I did on this poster board."

"This poster I just dripped paint down the sides at different angles. Super easy and total cost is about $3."

"I continued with the dark pink theme in my bedroom, and made the "Pollock-esque" painting to hang over my TV."

"I took another Bar Exam poster and tried to make a Rothko-esque painting to match the greens and blues in my living room."

Some fun tips Kati shared:
*She bought "mess-up paint" from Home Depot for $5 a can to keep her paint costs down. It is the paint where the color was slightly off for the buyer, and cheap for you to buy for projects!
*The paint made the poster board bend slightly so Kati used small gold hooks that you screw into the wall to keep the edges down and hang it. You can see them in the first circle picture.

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