Monday, October 26, 2009

Design Tip of the Week (10.26.09): Rethinking an Existing Concept

A fun way to bring interesting "pieces" into your home - you know, the kinds that people talk about when they visit - is to find a reworked or modernized interpretation of an old concept. Are you scratching your head? Well basically many designs out there are re-interpreted versions of something we already know and love. So think of it as a twist on the traditional. We recently came by a great example of this in a modernized version of the very traditional cuckoo clock. Then we kind of went cuckoo looking for more to share. Here's what we found.

Filigree Cuckoo Clock

Decoylab's Cuckoo Clock in Aqua

Orangita Cuckoo Clock from Anthropologie

Cuckoo Clock by Tobias Reischle


Amy E. Strodl said...

How cute are these clocks? I really want one now for my kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration.

The Primed4Design Team said...

Us too, Amy! Thanks for being a P4D fan and always leaving great comments!