Friday, October 23, 2009

Easy Fix Friday ~ Dawn's Sink Dilemma

Today we wanted to share with you an Easy Fix that we helped our reader Dawn with in her kitchen. She was actually the inspiration behind starting Easy Fix Friday! :)

Dawn is a regular P4D reader who won our Dandy Chandy Giveaway back in June! She was so happy and we began talking with her about how she is having her home built, and how the contractor unfortunately did not complete the job and left MANY unfinished projects. Dawn sent us pictures that showed how the contractor left two HUGE square holes on either side of the sink (not to mention many other unfinished projects)!!!:

We gasped in horror and knew she needed our help FAST! Right away we told her to measure the square holes, and suggested to find and glue 2 beautiful square ceramic tiles on both sides of the sink. Dawn loved our Easy Fix idea, and check out her wonderful new sink with our advice and some elbow grease from Dawn:

Great job Dawn! We are SO happy to see that a contractors HUGE mistake can be a relatively easy and unique fix. We know all projects that contractors may mess up or not complete aren't as simple as this was ~ but by tackling a little at a time it's helping Dawn & her husband reclaim their home. And we can't wait to see the dandy chandy she won from us hanging in her home~but we know she has many other projects to tackle, best of luck!

If you have a home or decorating dilemma you need some speedy advice on, email us at and you could be featured on Easy Fix Friday!


Laura said...

It is so wonderful to see how someone has taken your advice and ran with it, it looks beautiful! I work with ReadyMade and they have some great home design
ideas that may be of help to someone else.

The Primed4Design Team said...

Thanks Laura! P4D Loves ReadyMade! Let us know if you ever want to be a guest blogger and share some of your fabulous ideas!