Friday, December 18, 2009

Easy Fix Friday ~ How To Use Driftwood

Good Morning! We continue to answer our P4D reader's contest entries ~ where we asked you to leave a comment with an idea for a future P4D post (from this book giveaway contest last month).

Joy asked us where she could find some usable driftwood: "I'm looking for usable driftwood! Something large enough to go over a queen bed and has some structural integrity! Love your site - keep getting great ideas!"

Driftwood is not the easiest thing to find..unless it's on the beach! :) What I did find is artwork that uses driftwood at that will be just beautiful to hang over a bed.

Here is a driftwood sculpture in elenamary's 1000markets shop made with driftwood, shells, abalone, sea glass and pearls.

Another way to bring in the natural wood feel is driftwood lamps:

Here is a very elegant driftwood (resin base) lamp from Horchow.

And here is a more rustic driftwood lamp (but still elegant) from Living Comforts.

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