Sunday, September 12, 2010

Design Tip of the Week (9.13.10): Easy Makeovers

A fresh coat of paint can change a room dramatically. Its amazing what a difference a new color will do to a space without changing any other element. Furniture and complementary colors will take a new form. Its a fast and easy way to completely redo a room's look and costs nothing more than a gallon or two of

Check out last spring's Primed4Design{er}changed the look of two rooms with a simple change of wall color.

Laura took her guest bedroom from a yellow hue to a warm brown.


To rework the living room, the ragged paint effect was replaced with a fresh blue to bring a new feel and style to the room.



Throughout the Fall, P4D will share some tips on easy ways to makeover a room. You too can be a weekend warrior.

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michele said...

Painting a room a different color is so dramatic. Changing the wall color will make a room look unique. Thanks ! : )