Thursday, October 7, 2010

Art Smart (10.7.10): Art in a Click

Buying art can be challenging because there are other factors besides simply liking a piece of artwork that you have to take into consideration before settling on a piece. Here are some tips from P4D's guest blogger Bridget about utilizing online art stores and the advantages they have to offer.

Tip #1
You never really know how it will match your home until it's up on the wall. Thankfully, we live in a time where wall d├ęcor destinations, like, offer technological ways to "see" your art before you spend a dime. The picture below, called's Room View, exemplifies how you are able to upload an actual picture of your room and place the art on your choice on the wall, with custom framing and all. This takes the guesswork out of home decorating.

Tip #2
Before going out to stores, do some research online so that you know what is available. Many art stores have half-empty bins and limited selections, so definitely take advantage of the large selection of homemade prints on sites like

Tip #3
Lastly, make it personal! Art is supposed to be an expression of you. You can tweak a piece slightly just to make it your own with custom framing options, custom matte options, and art on acrylic versus canvas. Many online sites allow you to do all of this at once.

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