Thursday, January 7, 2010

Primed4Design{er}'s of 2009 ~ Inspiration for the New Year!

Hellllo everyone! Today we are listing our 2009 Primed4Design{er}'s of the Month so you could go through and remember some of your favorites, as well as spark some inspiration for your home in the new year ~ Enjoy!:

January 2009 ~ Xavier's beautiful loft/condo in Washington, DC with great natural lighting and beautiful mid-century modern furniture was our first Primed4Design{er} featured {photo of living room shown above}.

February 2009
~ Kristine's condo shows us that just because you rent, doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful place that feels like home.

March 2009 ~ Brad's house in LA is elegant & naturally contemporary in it's decor. {entryway shown above}

April 2009
~ Laura's home is classic & elegant in it's decoration, with a nice twist of North Carolina southern styling.

May 2009
~ Megan & Steve's Washington, DC two level condo is very bohemian eclectic, fun, and drawing from worldly inspirations.

June 2009 ~ Jane's colonial house dates back to 1848 in an Ohio suburb East of Cleveland, and it's chock full of beautiful antiques! {photo of the outside of home shown above}

July 2009 ~ Morgan and Jason's Washington, DC row house is the perfect combination of new and vintage in decor as well as architecture.

August 2009 ~ Yale's condo in New York City is the perfect example of design being in the details & high-end renovation features.

September 2009
~ Selva and Javier's condo, a reflection of Selva's true love of history and art from her home country, Colombia!

October 2009 ~ Bette & Steven's bright, open, modern and just plain fun loft in Colorado.

November 2009 ~ Victoria shared her awesome Before/After project with our readers, great inspiration for a DIY in the new year!

December 2009 ~ Kelly's complete home renovation. Absolutely gorgeous in it's traditional, yet eclectic vibe. GREAT for inspiration! {photo of guest bedroom shown above}


Molly said...

I am diggin' the surfboard on the wall in that first pic. It's sunset colored, so pretty.

DesignTies said...
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DesignTies said...

As November's DIY poster-girl, I'd like to extend another big "Thank You!" to Jen and Chrys... I appreciated being featured on your great blog!